Wind and Weather

Weather is an important factor of sailing, not so much the temperature or how sunny it will be, but the wind strength and direction. Both dinghies and keelboats can sail with very little wind and keelboats have the advantage of motors when there is no wind at all. Both are heavily dependent on the direction of the wind for both which direction they can sail and how fast they will go.

Everything you need to know about the weather can be found online. The most important information is the forecast of both direction and strength of the wind. Reliable readings of current wind and forecasts of up to seven days are available from sites such as and

Most importantly the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) site provides details of strong wind warnings (more than 25 knots or nearly 50kmh), conditions that are not suitable for people who are new to sailing, or even experienced sailors wanting a relaxing time on the water.

As a new participants knowing the weather forecast before you get to the club will help you understand the sailing conditions. Having an understanding of the weather:

  • Helps you know what clothing you will need
  • Helps you understand how to develop the skills of sailing
  • Determines how much time on the water you get

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