Race Management

Most sailing clubs are run by volunteers, who fulfil a wide range of roles both on and off the water to help make the sport fun, safe, accessible, and affordable for people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

Sandringham Yacht Club believes in keeping with its policy of providing Club Members and its visitors the best people for the roles, during September 2012 engaged a new Boating Manager, Athanasios ‘Sulis’ Papantoniou, who comes to the role with a wealth of experience, world class credentials in hand and is looking forward to working with Club Members to ensure great racing for the coming years.

Victoria has long been hailed as the leader in Sailing Race Management, thanks to the likes of brothers’ Kevin and Ross Wilson, who are second to none when it comes to running major sailing events and rain, hail, or shine, Sulis wants to help continue that tradition.

There are many duties associated with running event.  Whether you are relatively in-experienced or fully qualified, we would very much like to hear from you.

Sulis is responsible for managing, organising and arranging the conduct of all racing and boating related events, across keelboats, dinghies and recreational boating – and all regattas hosted by the Club. 

Sulis has a lot to offer to Sandringham Yacht Club’s Race Management volunteers and is very much looking forward to working with you and refining your existing knowledge.

RIB Driver
RIB Drivers must hold Powerboat licence; ideally we’d like people with safety boat qualifications or experience as well.  If you are not yet in a position to be a RIB Driver, the best way to get involved as a member of the RIB team is to volunteer as a crew.  If you have experience or a qualification that’s great, if not you’ll learn a lot on the job which can be backed up by training available through the Club.

Course Layer
A good course (mark) layer is as good as an additional ARO, providing the RO with wind information at various points on the course.  Mark layers must be able to measure the wind strength and angle at any time and report this to the RO, working from a boat which should be a fast power boat equipped with a GPS.   Many ROs prefer more than one mark laying boat.  This facilitates the fast adjustment of the course to a new wind.  Should the equipment and personnel be available, one mark laying boat per mark is desirable.   Between starting and finishing, the mark layers may also be used as a safety boat, although  its main task is to stand by for alterations to the course in the event of a wind change.

Race Officer
We aim to give our volunteers the confidence to run the Club racing and give you a good knowledge of the procedures and duties of a Race Officer.  Whether you wish to become a Club, State, National and International Race Official, Sandringham Yacht Club has a pathway for you.