The Boats

Having some knowledge of the different types of boats available will help you decide what type of sailing best suits you.  In general, sailing boats fall into two broad categories – Dinghies and Keelboats.



A Dinghy is a small sailing boat usually sailed by one or two people.  Dinghy sailors must move about the boat constantly to counteract the force of the wind in the sails.

Learning to sail in a dinghy is a great way to start.  Simple in design; they are easy to setup and are light to handle.  A dinghy responds quickly to your movements and sail adjustments, making it easy to see the effects of your actions.

Sailing a dinghy is extremely engaging and exciting.



A keelboat is a sailing boat that has a weighted keel under the hull that prevents it from capsizing.  They are larger than dinghies and are usually kept in the water, on a mooring or at a marina.  They are sailed by a skipper and a crew.  Keelboats do not offer the fast response and instant feedback of dinghies because of their greater size and weight.  However a keelboat is generally more stable and dry and often more comfortable to sail.  Its keelboats you see in ocean races like the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.




The Club Marine Boating Academy uses two different dinghies – OziOpti and Pacers.  The OziOptis are used for the Tackers programs where the larger Pacer class is used in all other Junior and Adult Dinghy courses.  Where the much larger Beneteau is the ideal boat for Discover Sailing Experiences and Keelboat courses.

OziOpti Dinghy


Designed and built in Australia, the OziOpti is the perfect training boat for clubs and sailing schools or for the whole family to enjoy.

Simple to rig and sail, the self buoyant polyethylene hull is slightly larger than an Optimist, ergonomically designed for up to three primary school aged kids and provides a virtually maintenance free solution and sturdy platform to increase participation and retention in sailing.

Length 2.3M

Pacer Dinghy


Many clubs and sailing schools use Pacers as their training fleets, they are ideal for beginners and experienced alike and are sailed by all ages.

Length 3.8M

Beneteau Keelboat


The Beneteau’s are a great training yacht due to their superior responsiveness, high level stability and well designed layout. The Beneteau’s are sailed with a mainsail and an option of two jibs and are able to accommodate a crew of four or five people with a Yachting Australia qualified Instructor on board.

Length 7.5M